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About Us

It is our mission to provide the community with safe and loving care for your pets while you’re away from home.

We have a passion for animals of all species and sizes. Animals and pets deserve special care and to be treated with love. Our love for animals is what inspires us to want to be involved with them and contribute to their welfare every day.

Our Story


Ever since my brother brought home Ace, his pit-bull from college, I fell in love with dogs. He was such a powerful dog with the biggest personality, but yet so gentle... We formed such an amazing bond and the rest is history. From that point forward, my passion and love for animals continued to grow. I’m the person that has to stop and say hello every time I see an animal! I’ve rescued dogs, ducks, a cat, & a turtle. I’ve also owned and cared for dogs, cats, lizards, and hamsters. My dream is to one day own a rescue and help as many animals as I can. I can’t wait to meet your pets and care for them!


My love for animals came from my mom. Growing up we had a house full of critters- dogs, chickens, hamsters, fish, newts - to name a few! We were always taking in strays and injured wildlife.

Helping animals is very important to me. 

It was my dream to live by the ocean so in 2018 I moved from chilly Colorado to sunny Florida.

When I met Ryann I knew animals were a passion we shared. In the first few weeks of meeting each other we saved two injured ducks and adopted and saved a stray kitten. 

I would love to continue to assist animals in the community and eventually start First Class Rescue. 

I currently live in Saint Pete with my two dogs, Max and Toby and my Bunnies, Twila Jane and Francois Noir.

Meet The Team

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